ECOV 5,500 litre H/D inground tank - 600 x 600 access opening - series 1

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Short Description

The Ecovault inground tank range is a fully functional inert polyethylene (PE) structural tank according to the design specification for AS1546.  The inclusions incorporate smooth frictionless internal surfaces; the tank provides safety in handling, with lifting and rolling easily achieved without specialist equipment, tank access with ladder and external grab frame,  standard 600 mm x 600 mm access opening, site installation with ease of levelling and inter-connections of multiple tanks in series or parallel.  Manhandable, releasable and lockable PE lid with access barriers on lid open and the most convenient multiple pipe and invert level connection configuration.  The Ecov range of tanks also have the ability to apply reflux valve inlet at the base and full drain weapage for infiltration.

The Ecov5 is nominally 5,000 litre capacity to the top of the vertical wall.  The external size is 2170 mm x 2170 mm x 1900 mm depth. See installation instructions for pipe connections, tank interconnections for multiple tanks in clusters, backfill and loading conditions.  The tank can be used in high water table applications with appropriate backfill with or without composite concrete balast or using anchor attachments- equally or better than concrete pits.

SG 1.3, buckling factor of 3.9, factor of safety 1.6, 420kg bare tank, hydrostatic uplift anchor ribs, fully sealed to accessway.

The job is normally done as soon as the tank goes in the ground.

Detailed Description

The robust Ecovault series PE inground tank have been designed to be a high quality functional stand-alone tanks, adaptable to the majority of inground tank applications, soil and climatic conditions. 

The 5,500 litre tank is ideal for in-ground retention/detention OSD or for the storage of stormwater and rainwater.  The tank is also designed for use as a pump out station, GPT, advanced contiminate filter and trap to make maintenance easy with vacumm cleaning. The tank has other capabilities also designed for treatment systems and other industrial strength applications to 3.5 meter of depth or otherwise according a suitably experienced engineers site design specification detail. This 5,500 litre tank can connect to municipal size pipework up to DN600 in ribbed PE, FRP, concrete or DWV pipe with ease of jointing.

As the highest quality tank on the market, it naturally has features and inclusions that are specified to comply with the AS1546 Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) and meet the general requirements of Local Government variable regulations.  The design has inclusions that others tanks cannot provide and its storage capacity is expandable with multiple tanks connected, even with mis-matched tank sizes or when needed in distributed locations.

The Ecov range of inground tanks saves you money and doesn't need time and cost wasting installation issues.  The job is normally done as soon as the tank goes in the ground.  If an Ecov tank should pop-up from incorrect installation, dig out again and put it back in situ.  There is no superior designed functional tank available on the market !


Inlet Size : DN90 to DN150 at grade to 1:60
Outlet Size : DM25 to DN65
Cubic : 8.947
Box Size : 2170x2170x1900
Liquid Handled : rainwater and recycled water
Material : Polyethylene - LDPE
Capacity : 5,500 L
Tank Dimensions : 2170 x 2170 x 1900 mm
Access Opening : 600 x 600 mm
Weight : 350.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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