Water Utilisation

Water Utilisation

The water cycle provides a water source on land and underground then on the way to the oceans, a high level of water quality for the water based eco systems. 

Whatever the water source it needs to be accessed, its water quality adjusted and then used through a managed distribution for human and ecological needs and for sustaining those needs. 

Our drinking and hygiene needs require potable water however this only represents about 30% of these needs from about 7% of the planets naturally available fresh water availability.  The other 70% is used for crop and landscape irrigation from infiltration into the soils, industrial uses and water carriage in drainage, amenities, maintenance and recreational applications.

The distribution of water is energy intensive so our focus also need to take account of conservation in water utilisation and sustainable use of the available water and to respect the level of water quality.  After the soil and human utilisation of the water source, the water cycle continues to support the water based associated ecology that must be protected from contamination of our discharge water.

Water utilisation is one of our great, widely available natural resources.  The best quality potable water is the sustaining water source so our utilisation should be carefully managed and respected for the whole planet.


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