Your New 'Water' Business application - an opportunity too good to miss !

The General Agent application

One Water has a unique and innovative product range around water resources and protections in the water cycle. 

Our products are designed for rainwater, stormwater and sewage with integrated process and outcomes built into each quality product design. 

We are also working on our smart connected products that will be an effective industry first !

Our market focus is for specialist solutions that have competitive advantage with intellectual property rights to help maintain industry leadership and returns. 'It's business' 

A successful applicant has an opportunity that is well structured and ready for you to make good, by applying your skill and resource as a sales entity, team or network distributor to make your business work.


We look forward to supporting industry practitioner(s) who have solid knowledge of an engineering discipline, drainage, electrical or infrastructure equipment in the building and construction industry, who is continually learning and creating, with understanding to give correct practical guidance around regulations and BPM with strong project experience at a level to support the industry and nature.  Conditions do apply !

You are welcome to apply to join our team to promote water quality, harvesting, our industry and protection of the environment and you have some 'skin in the game '

Sales of product as resellers, into networks of influencers and connections with consultant hydraulic engineers and specialists in the field of WSUD, municipal works etc requires special skill and a good helpful personality.  If you would like to be considered and have the resources and commitment to build a leadership position with our innovations and capability of products we could give you a bright opportunity.  It would be great to discuss with you if you can complete an initial application and we receive your application completed so we know who you are, what makes you a good potential applicant and we can contact you.

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Looking forward to meeting you !


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