Packaged SPARKLE Stormwater Harvesting treatment train

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Short Description

These fully configured pump packages quickly installs for domestic community sewage networks with intelligent control. The assembly is suitable for common sewage and industrial strength applications.

The Ecovault in-ground sewage tank has a diameter of 1200 mm and is configured for a round keylock Class A PE lid. The overall tank heights are optioned for 1550 mm or 1800 mm wich includes 150 mm above ground stand-out rim to avoid surface water ingress. Discharge pump and control is by positive displacement allowing high head transfer and small flexible discharge lines to reduce the total cost of installation.

Detailed Description

To ably assist water professionals select a complete product selection solution for harvesting of surface water the OWSH package is purpose designed to give that whole view of the requirements for project system selection.full view of your water project.

This fully configured selection tool can then be augmented with otehr integrated solutions including roof catchment harvesting, sewage handling systems for ground water protection.  These whole of systems can then combine with intelligent control or water transfer devices to make up a fuller view of your project needs in water device implementation.

This package can be installed simply with convenient excavation and placed down to 1.5 M to 1.8 M depth dependent on the tank option selected. The assembly is suitable for common stormwater and sewage applications.

Any selection of packaged devices can then be optionally managed using smart controls and wireless remote monitoring.


Cubic : 13.225
Box Size : 2300 x 2300 x 2500
Liquid Handled : stormwater, wastewater
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

Material : MDPE
Lid Type : Keylock option Class A PE

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