Water Environment

Rejunenating Water Environments

Urban waterway recovery is about reclaiming lost spaces and restoring the flow to its former glory and restoring those places where people once swam in quiet pools or fish swan in a crystal clear stream.

Imagine strolling along a rejuvenated urban waterway that was once little more than a drain. Imagine the return of the native birds and animal as they return to an environment that has be restored and renewed. Imagine enjoying a family picnic in a riverside park that was once barren ground.

Catchment Recovery

Many cities have damaged waterways that have lost much of its naturalness over time as homes, shops and factories have sprung up on surrounding lands and development has reshaped the little streams that feed its waters.

Today creeks and rivers struggle with pollution and erosion as more and more unfiltered storm water gushes in from urban areas after rain. But it doesn't need to be this way. Many areas can be repaired with simple processes. All it really needs is the commitment to mane it happen.

Many damaged catchments still support large wildlife habitat areas and pockets of healthy bush land. These can be protected and expanded to rejunenate the entire area and make it good again.

Our vision sees these damaged waterways being returned into a vibrant, green corridor bringing people and nature together; inspiring healthy living and creativity."

A collaborative approach to urban waterway renewal can not only lead to geater amenity for residents, it can lead to increased Council involvement generate widespread community support to show the way for catchment recovery.


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