Water Conservation

The era of climate variability is upon us.

This calls for closer attention to the protection of our natural resources and the sustainable use of our limited potable water.

Humans have had a significant impact out the natural environment and have affected nature to the extent that climatic extremes are becoming more common

Water conservtion is readily achievable with a renewed focus on sustainability and by making simple changes to the way we go about our daily lives. This can be supported by  more efficient use of rainwater harvesting and storm water treatment an re-use.

We need to support the natural environment to ensure that our increasingly dense urban environments can continue to provide our contemporary lifestyle, increased population and industrialisation.

Rainwater harvesting is a practice that supports our needs.  Another step is to conserve the quality water supplies delivered to our taps and only use what we essentially need soas to conserve our water while at the same time allowing for the natural water cycle integration necessary to sustain our planet.

What can you commit to in support of water conservation?


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