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All wastewater equipment is sold as industrial equipment purchased by licenced commercial trades (business ABN holder) to a written requested specification for configuration for any installation.

Water transfer is an essential capability for dealing with water, whether it is a portable water delivery or dewatering to remove water from a situation.

For water supply from remote streams, tanks and city mains that can be easily transported or waste water removal from areas that do not have public infrastructure gravity drain pipe system, cartage is often the solution. Ideal solutions include polyethylene PE tanks which are 50% lighter and more flexible than steel tanks on trucks or road trailers which is clean and inert so the best quality water or contained contaminate wastewater can be handled appropriately and conveniently.

Seepage is always present and often because of low lying situations that need dry ground or avoid dampness around houses that can be easily drained using pit and submersible pump to raise the waste water to higher levels or longer distances to discharge.

Pump stations with inert inground PE tanks are a means for regular discharge water removal for industrial liquids, basements or larger inflow water from high water table or any submerged application with single or more often multiple pump sets and their managed discharge capacity are available for easy installation

Removal of stormwater contaminates in maintenance cycles, dewatering of construction sites, dust suppression with water cannon or pressurised wash-down hose reel use are found here. Water body treatment or irregular water sources like sumps, flooding or reclaiming or transferring water sources are regular applications that would use larger equipment including minimal harm vacuum systems that can be mobile, stationary or as required for emergency actions to avoid other damage.

Sparkle | Water | Quality solutions are used for supporting and protecting assets that meet your needs.


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