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Engineering services

Engineering services

Sparkle | Water | Quality solutions from our OneWater entity have the knowledge and experience to develop a complete, end-to-end environmental solution that will provide a cost-effective outcome for your specific needs.

OneWater can assist you to configure the whole package to the specification design and compliance needs.  OneWater can provide project level planning services for individual installations to project-level regional planning and landscaped catchment development.

Our website can also assist in key enginering direction, specification and performance criteria, resource substantiation material for regulation and guidelines along with project costing for products and services.  This can be easily achieved through self-directed bundle selections throughout the site, so you are not required to spend time away from designing, engineering and suporting your clients with the product solutions, that provide ease and cost reduction of installation that is the best value for their needs.  You are welcome to contact OneWater and speak to our knowledgable staff for information, works detail and practical tips.

OneWater is your comprehensive resource for water engineering and development through design in civil construction, WSUD, LID, Sponge, SDS and landscape integration.  There is also access to consultant services and implementation to make your water project a success with long-term functionality and an essential resource of water.

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Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting can provide a dramatic improvement in water utilisation and significantly reduce city water use in most situations ....READ MORE


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