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SPARKLE round access collar PE

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Short Description

The STORM_save polyethylene access collar is designed for light commercial and passenger vehicle traffic single wheel load only. The collar is a round shaped LDPE polyethylene access cover and is designed to fit all STORM products with a 680mm diameter clear access. The collar has a load foot for multiple engineering surface finish and accessway secures a lockable pedestrian-trafficable cover fits into a matching recess in the tank collar to provide and even surface across the top of the tank- lid only loading of 10000N.

For Augmented Class A+ the additional loading can be achieved through special order for the following:

MDPE moulding material

increase to 10mm wall thickness of lid

increase to 10mm wall thickness of collar

urethand infill for lid

urethane infill for collar

metal bars support in collar

When used in an appropriate manner this collar assembly is a secured light duty trafficable cover to underground asset.

Detailed Description

The One Water Naturally-STORM lid and collar assembly are an integrated solution to support top loading and secure access to the STORM range of product. Our range of quality replacement parts will help you maintain your One Water Naturally product soas to continue operating effectively in its design manner for many years to come.

This product part is a round collar to locate, support and secure an optional lockable lid device for in-ground asset protection; The collar is made from LDPE polyethylene to support the access lid functionality and ground level installation where the collar compliments a matching recess of the accessway lid that will remain secure and not affected by surcharge or backflow, to form an even surface across the top of the tank.


Cubic : 0.122
Box Size : 780 x 780 x 200
Weight : 12.4000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply
Type : standard collar and loading
MDPE polyethylene

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