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Wastewater removal

Name   :   Submersible Pump BPS - 1/6 HP 25mm minsup connector 3mm 'puddle sucker' utility pump - builder pack1
Mains Voltage :
Pump Power : 100 W (1/6 HP)
Rated Head : 4 m
Maximum Head : 6 m
Rated Flow : 50 L/m
Maximum Flow : 70 L/min
Inlet Size : n/a
Outlet Size : 20 mm (3/4") to air hose fitting
Solid Pass : 3 mm
Pump Dimensions : 206 x 164 x 372 mm
Weight : 4.5
This high-flow low-energy pump is designed for continuous operation in clean water and is ideal for fountains, fish ponds, and irrigation etc.

This package is a builders package utilised in high rise construction, utility applications and an essential Hire industry Asset
Liquid Handled
Clean Water
Designed for flat surface, seepage and general drainage operation.

Drainage solutions

Name   :   ECOV 32 litre pit with grate - LDPE 345mm wide x 450 mm depth drainage (Australia only)
Inlet Size : 100 mm
Outlet Size : 100 mm
Material : Polyethylene
Capacity : 32 L
Tank Dimensions : 345 mm x 345mm x 450 mm (depth)
Access Opening : 345 x 345 mm
Weight : 7.0
Material : Polyethylene
Pit product are provided to be grouped with a selectable range of drainage solutions - including utility pumps, grates and connections to allow greater site installation flexibility.
Liquid Handled
rainwater, trade waste, sewage
Pump Options
Various pump options are available
Designed for in-ground applications

Transfer Pump Station

Name   :   Packaged Wastewater Pump Stations - drainage
Inlet Size : DN90; DN100; DN150; DN225.
Outlet Size : 40 mm; 50 mm; 65 mm; 80 mm
Material : Polyethylene - MDPE
Capacity : 1000 litres,1500 litres, 5500 litres
Tank Dimensions : Varies with tank volume
Access Opening : 900 x 600 mm (6 K & 8 K tanks) 600 x 600 mm (1 k & 1.5 K tanks)
Material : Polyethylene - MDPE
Inlet pipe to be installed by plumber
In-tank fitting included in this pump station when purchased:-
-PVC ball and non-return valve valve with integrated barrel union
-PVC interconnecting pipe to suit pump system selected
Liquid Handled
Rainwater, storm water, sewage and trade waste.
Pump Options
Dual pump options available
Guide rail option also available - See accessory list

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