Treatment Process

All sewerage equipment is sold as industrial equipment purchased by licenced commercial trades, civil contractors or government (business ABN holder) to a written requested specification for configuration for any installation.

Stormwater catchments vary widely and will most often need treatment for the protection of both downstream ecosystems and human needs.

Once rainwater reaches the ground it begins to collect pollutants that are then carried with the water as it flows through the environment. The collected material varies from vegetable matter to litter, erosion sediments, droppings, fertilisers and hydrocarbons along with heavy metals from degraded catchments.

The innovation in Sparkle | Water | Quality approach is based on a top-of-catchment process where pollutants are separated early in the treatment train and removed from the flow before the water is either stored or released into waterways. Sparkle | Water | Qualityy product solutions promote the removal of the gross pollutants to land based disposal rather than leave it hidden away and accumulating in streams and waterways.

Sparkle | Water | Quality has adopted a mixture of techniques and science based process to reduce stormwater's highly variable flow and water quality through point-of-capture separation including optional first flush diversion that creates a dual stream process to better manage the water cycle issues. In this way we are better able to treat the captured water using water quality improvement processes such as advanced filtration systems to pre-treat water flows prior to suitable hydraulic residence periods for improved biological responses, all aligned with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) techniques that don't overburden later stage water bodies like wetlands or discharge streams.

The advanced treatment system is process driven and includes biological enhancement and non-chemical disinfection for alternate water sourcing systems to make sustainable use of rainwater harvesting as a resource mainly as fit-for-purpose non-potable water supply.

Stormwater harvesting and treatment are critical systems within the water-sensitive city contributing to water supply, protecting waterways, mitigating flooding, other climate effects, reducing drainage infrastructure requirements, and giving improved visual and landscaped water amenity.

Our Sparkle | Water | Quality product range and integrated systems based approach can be easily retrofitted or used in greenfield solutions for water quality improvement supporting the natural water cycle and environmental outcomes for wonderful livable cities that must be in tune with nature.


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