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Stormwater Product Overview

Stormwater Product Overview

Once rainwater reaches the ground it begins to collect pollutants such as bottles, cans, sediment, and debris as it flows towards the drainage network. These pollutants must be separated and removed from the flow before the water can be harvested and placed into storage. One Water Naturally's Stormwater management products are designed to remove the four major pollutants from the water stream and capture the maximum volume of filtered stormwater. Please scroll down to view the entire Stormwater product range.

OSD retention-detention

Name   :   STORM_osd1 - property boundary stormwater retention - detention device
Inlet Size : DIN 100 & DN150
Material : Polyethylene
Capacity : Maximum throughput is 90 L/sec @ 1.65% gradient
Tank Dimensions : 1100 mm (height) 1300 mm (overall width)
Access Opening : 600 mm square
Weight : 90.0
Product Type : Accessories
Material : Polyethylene
Pipe sizes can be adjusted to suit site requirements.
NOTE: Maximum recommended input gradient is 1.65%

Pipe material varies with pipe diameter and pipe type
Liquid Handled
rainwater and stormwater
Optional riser can be fitted to allow for deeper installation when required

Stormwater tanks

Name   :   ECOV 1000 litre tank - MDPE 600 x 600 mm access opening
Inlet Size : DN90, DN100, DN150 DWV
Outlet Size : 100 to 150 mm
Material : Polyethylene
Capacity : 1,000 L
Tank Dimensions : 1300 mm x 1300 mm x 1140 mm (depth)
Access Opening : 600 x 600 mm
Weight : 70.0
Material : Polyethylene
Kits are available to allow several tanks to be interconnected and provide larger storage volumes and allow greater site installation flexibility.
Liquid Handled
rainwater, trade waste, sewage
Pump Options
Various pump options are available
Designed for in-ground applications

Stormwater utilisation

Name   :   SJP-375PC 400 watt stainless steel pressure pump - auto reset
Mains Voltage :
Pump Power : 400 W (1/2HP)
Rated Head : 23 m
Maximum Head : 38 m
Rated Flow : 50 L/min
Maximum Flow : 65 L/min
Inlet Size : 25 mm (1") Female BSP
Outlet Size : 25 mm (1") Female BSP
Solid Pass : n.a.
Pump Dimensions : 380 x 58 x 96
Weight : 6.0
Product Type : Jet Pressure System
This pump is ideal for domestic rainwater harvesting systems and will supply up to 4 taps simultaneously over two levels.
Liquid Handled
Clean Water

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