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Sewage Products Overview

Sewage Products Overview

Our sewage product group includes Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS), Low-pressure Sewage Pumpout System (LSPS) and Sewage Collection Wells (SCW) that are designed to efficiently process sewage waste for varied applications and situations.

AWTS are packaged devices specified to comply with municipal approval regulations.  Delivery is scheduled following all necessary approvals and delivered to site by large crane trucks that require suitable access and excavation ready for placement of the device directly into the suitably prepared excavation.  

LSPS are infrastructure devices usually through tendering let by local water authority or development construction contractors.

SCW are supplied to licenced builders or plumbing trade installers for low level sites below the municipal sewage mains in the street or service providers for tanker pump-out applications.  There are situations where a smaller collection well or a pump station is used in conjunction with on-site AWTS or low level bathroom constructions without gravity drainage to a sewer main.

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Collection Wells

Name   :   ECOV slop tank 800 litre (1.5M depth) 6.7kN Class A PE lid - keylock option
Inlet Size : DN150 or reducer for DN100
Outlet Size : 32 mm or 50 mm
Material : Polyethylene
Capacity : 800 L
Tank Dimensions : 1100 x 1100 x 1550 (mm-deep)
Access Opening : Ø680 mm
Weight : 86.0
Material : Polyethylene
Designed for in-ground sewage low pressure pump-out applications, allowing greater site installation flexibility.

Ø1000 mm (barrel) / Ø1200 mm (base) x 1500 mm (depth)
Liquid Handled
trade waste, sewage

Sewage Pump Station

Name   :   Packaged Sewer Pump Station - transfer gravitational sewage
Inlet Size : DN100; DN150;
Outlet Size : 32 mm; 40 mm; 50 mm; 80 mm;
Material : Polyethylene - MDPE
Capacity : 250litres, 1000 litres, 1500 litres, 5500 litres
Tank Dimensions : Varies with tank volume
Access Opening : 900 x 600 mm (6 K & 8 K tanks) 600 x 600 mm: (0.25K 1 K & 1.5 K tanks)
Material : Polyethylene - MDPE
Inlet pipe to be installed by plumber
for a pump station order # when pump selection is made along with internal pipework in the configured order then:-
-PVC ball and non-return valve valve with integrated barrel union
-PVC interconnecting pipe to suit pump system selected
Liquid Handled
storm water, sewage and trade waste.
Pump Options
Dual pump options available
Guide rail option also available - See accessory list

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