Packaged SPARKLE Collection Well - sewer transfer

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Short Description

The Ecovault range of sewage collection wells are made from high strength polyethylene MDPE in each tank size and are unaffected by sewage, trade waste, or many harsh chemicals. The collection well is configurable to the needs of the application which will vary for each site therefore our bundled product package is easily self-selectable with the optional extra add on component parts that integrate with our complete range.  The options are generally needed in any application with the selectable sizing making the package ready for installation to be connectable with the existing drainage constraints.

The collection wells are used where waste must be pumped to a higher level with typically high head cutter or grinder pumps because of properties well below street level sewers or areas of no sewers at all and require tanker collection.

Detailed Description

The Ecovault range of sewage collection wells are made from high strength polyethylene MDPE and are unaffected by sewage, trade waste, or many harsh chemicals. The wells are used where sewage must be collected and pumped to a higher level or where the existing topography would incur high construction costs. 

Collection wells can be configured for single or dual pump operation and managed by level control devices either attached to the pump(s), or via an (optional) dedicated single or dual pump controller with transducer that also manages an inbuilt alarm.

The collection wells are used where sewage must be collected and pumped to a higher level into street sewers or sewage must be conveyed across a property to a higher level holding tank for tanker collection where no sewers are availabe and usually in sensitive environments where AWTS treatment systems are not allowed. Collection wells typically are available from 5,000 litres up to 8,000 litres because of the nature of holding for periods of up to two weeks before routine tanker collection or as an overflow avoidance measure if an alarm situation occurs.


Inlet Size : DN100; DN150;
Outlet Size : 32 - 50mm Pump Dedendent
Cubic : 10.845
Box Size : 2300 x 2300 x 2050
Liquid Handled : Waste water and sewage
Material : Polyethylene - MDPE
Capacity : select sizing - nominally 1500 litre or 5500 litre capacity
Tank Dimensions : various including 1300 x 1300 x 1500mm deep; 2170 x 2170 x 1900mm deep; 2300 x 2300 x 2500mm deep
Access Opening : 900 x 600mm (6K & 8K tanks) 600 x 600 mm: (1K, 1.5K & 5.5K tanks)
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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