SPARKLE round access cover - collar and load bars assembly

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Short Description

Our access cover is designed to meet the functional aspects of structural top loads across the access opening as well as other access features to make the below ground device secure from its housing collar. 

The Access cover has a three point securing design and key tool lifting position ensuring that the access cover cannot be removed without utilising the key tool in normal circumstances.  This includes where the underground drainage may incur back-pressure from an over-charged event like in a flooding situation so the public safety is catered for and the drainage cannot surcharge out of the device at this capture point. 

The lock design ensures the key can not be removed from the cover unless the locking slide is in the locked position.

The polyethylene (PE) covers and fabricated metal plate covers (AL) are latchable using a single key tool.  The key tool is a proprietary design that is only made available to municipal and civil contractors.

Detailed Description


Our collar part is designed to meet the functional aspects of ground level installation as well as other linkage and access features to make the below ground device secure but accessible for maintenance and servicing.  The collar is flexible enough to match the ground level gradient for up to 12 degrees in all directions The gusset ribs and flanged plate structure support loading and connection up to 60 mm to the device casing below. With the flexibility of this cover supportive part the device inserts can be accessed and cleaned and system commissioning from blocked pipes is readily achievable with this engineered design.

Collar & Bars

To prevent accidental entry into the device when the cover is not in place, the collar has been designed to accept a set of security bars that protect the opening from accidental entry.


Cubic : 0.2
Box Size : 1000 x 1000 x 200
Weight : 22.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply
Type : enhanced collar urethane,and bars
polyethylene (PE)

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