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TOC pedestal couple device top rail bracket with upturn discharge bend
POK tank base pump plate 1300 series
ECOV collar rail frame 1300 series
PCP 50mm pressure Socket Adapter MI #17 - PVCu
PCP 50mm x 1 meter pressure pipe #1 - PVCu
POK 50mm swing check valve - brass
PCP 50mm pressure Barrel Union #22 - PVCu
POK 50mm full flow ball valve m&f - brass
POK 50mm backplated GRP tank connector (50mm female) left lock thread

SPARKLE Packaged DN50 pedestal pump single rail assembly 1300 series

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Short Description

The selection of a pedestal discharge pipe configuration and pump access rail system are used in industrial applications that provide a system of operating risk reduction and ease of maintenance for the operations of the pump installation.

Detailed Description

One Water pump station solutions can cater for your project specifications however needed.  The selection of a pedestal discharge pipe configuration with pump access guide rail system is used in industrial applications for heavier installation for ease of maintenance in removing the pump from the pit installation.

A range of sump pumps can be selected to match the pedestal installation based on discharge outlet size, the type of duty pump required and the pump housing configuration that aligns with the coupling mechanism of the TOC used.

The selected SPARKLE | PUMP installation is mounted on a fixed discharge assembly with rails and access measures that provide for long lasting and accessible maintenance for the application.


Cubic : 0.162
Box Size : 450 x 300 x 1200mm
Liquid Handled : drainage
Weight : 34.5000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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