SPARKLE Rainsaver2 ~ organic seperator and first flush diverter 5500 litre

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Short Description

This device separates the first flush of contaminated water that flows from the roof catchment during a rain event. The diverted 'first flush' water is slowly released into the waste drain in preparation for the next rain event. The subsequent water flow can be passed into storeage or released into the environment. 

Detailed Description

The first flow of water from the roof will usually be heavily contaminated by dust, dirt, wind blown debris, and bird droppings etc. These contaminants should be prevented from enterig the storage system and disposed of. The STORM_save2 is designed separated the first 1,500 litres of water and is suitable catchments of 1,500 M2 to 3,000 M2. Multiple units can be installed in a distributed network for larger catchment areas. For detailed information about First Flush volumes, please refer to our Data Section.

In areas where litter and larger contaminants are present, it is recommended that a pre-filter be installed to prevent pipe blockages and interfrence with the STORM_save2's operation. The device automatically seals off the contaminated water and allows it to seep away into the drainage system.


Inlet Size : 450 mm
Cubic : 8.947
Box Size : 2170 x 2170 x 1900
Liquid Handled : rainwater and stormwater
Material : Polyethylene
Capacity : 5,500 litres
Tank Dimensions : 2170x2170x1900mmdeep
Access Opening : 600 x 600mm
Weight : 350.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply
Product Type : Accessories

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