Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting SystemRainwater harvesting is the capture and storage of roof collected rainfall. This is usually the cleanest and most efficient form of rainwater collection as it requires minimal treatment for storage and use.  Roof collected rainfall is not subject to the pollutants invariably present once the rainwater reaches the ground.

Rainwater is an effective and practical water source that can reduce water scarcity by up to 40% of our water needs with the conservation and ownership people apply to rainwater use.

The benefits of rainwater harvesting include:

  • Rainwater is the freshest natural water source and can be easily stored and managed.
  • Rainwater can be used to supplement the mains supply or as an independent water source during regional water restrictions.
  • Provides a substantial  cost benefit for water supply authorities
  • Reduces the use of mains delivered chemically treated drinking water
  • Applied in a range of suitable applications such as toilet flushing, clothes washing, and garden watering etc.
  • Capturing and storing rainwater can also help mitigate flooding of low-lying area and other building benefits


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