SPARKLE Storm cubic scalable underground storage matrix module

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Short Description

The modular design storage devices are engineered infrastructure. Build up with formed interconnection and overlays this tank device is the effective and economical solution to harvesting storage that delivers localised available water source for water savings and self-reliability.

Detailed Description

Larger scale stormwater harvesting is often saved in large, underground modular tanks. These configurable modular tanks can be large and are a major infrastructure construction requiring specialist engineering specification, particularly related to ground stability, site requirements for loadings and available space etc.

Sparkle Water can support the application of large scale catchment development in Low Impact Development (LID) and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) with hydraulic, geotechnical and landscaping services linked to the geophysical and topographical nature impacting on catchment characteristics and planning for civil construction. Sparkle Water welcomes your inquiry for services and enabling technology with product packaged solution to the specific project needs.

Guidance in the use of EcovM device capacity and usage include purpose and needs.  

  • Infiltration as an important element in LID and WSUD along with

  • retention/detention, longer term storage and reuse application matched to demand

  • flood mitigation and erosion control

  • discharge waterway release with ecological protection

  • economic off-set savings and self-reliant need

- say to 90% may be indicative of the device specification. The membrane designs, impregnation and source water quality are critical considerations. The over-cover use could be considerted for arcitectural landscape, sports facilities or car parking landuse which are all possibilities with the suiaible engineered plan. You project partnership begins with Sparkle Water and ends in a valuable self-reliannt water source supporting a healthy environment and a good amenity.


Inlet Size : nonimally DN600 - installation dependent
Outlet Size : installation dependent
Cubic : 0.05
Box Size : 1000 x 500 x 100
Liquid Handled : rainwater and stormwater
Material : polypropylene (PP)
Capacity : minimum 50KL to nominally 1GL configuration
Tank Dimensions : project specific
Access Opening : project specific - installation dependent
Weight : 4.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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