SPARKLE Storm Save1 surface entry stormwater seperator US Pat. 10,301,188 B2

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Short Description

STORM_save is the only configurable Primary Separation point-of-capture storm water separator on the market. The basic device will separate refuse and other pollutants from the stormwater flow and send the filtered water to storage or further downstream processing. The inlet and outlet ports can be rotated to match the drainage layout and adding a First Flush function is as simple as fitting our First Flush module during installation.

Detailed Description

The STORM range of integrated devices have been designed specifically to meet stringent industry guidelines and are intended for water quality improvement. The STORM_save product is a compact device that provides primary separation of gross pollutants and a First-Flush function that substantially reduces contaminates carried in the stormwater flow. The product achieves high separation rates of the pollutants typically found in stormwater flows:

Gross Pollutants (>5mm)
Sediment with some suspended solids

Designed to treat catchments of 100 – 3,000M2. (Based on a 100% impervious surface)
The STORM_save can be distributed throughout the catchment to serve a networked STORM_clean and where the STORM_save is predominately installed as an in-line or off-line system

Devices are supplied to site fully assembled with all internal inserts, first flush, sieve, collar and lid factory fitted. They can be withdrawn whilst flushing the system following installation and subsequent commissioning.

The devices have maximum 12 tonne polyethylene non-trafficable loading and can be supplied with upgraded heavy duty access covers, for easy installation.

One Water can provide a client focused turnkey, design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance service. For further information on our complete product range and services email or visit our websites at


Inlet Size : ᴓ720mm top grate
Cubic : 0.56
Box Size : 700 x 800 x 1000
Liquid Handled : rainwater and stormwater
Material : galvanised grate
Capacity : Maximum throughput is 200L/sec @ 1.65% gradient
Tank Dimensions : 650x800diameter
Access Opening : ᴓ720 mm dia
Weight : 60.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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