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SPARKLE Storm OSD 2000 litre 600x600 Class A Access Opening - keylock option

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Contaminate Reductions

Organics & GP'S 85%
sediment 85%
Hydrocarbon 50%

Short Description

The SPARKLE onsite retention/detention device (OSD) STORM_osd is a device for managed stormwater release to slow low intensity or peak storm flows that would overload public infrastructure drainage and lead to flooding issues if not controlled. The SPARKLE OSD range can be configured using any combination of tank sizes and holding capacity that can be increased using interconnected units in parallel or series for larger retention design.  

The SPARKLE OSD range is also designed to assist with safety, including around excluding the need for confined space access, dangerous currents and surcharges in peak inflows and outflows with lockable access covers and installation avoiding the need to be exposed to lengthy deep excavation conditions.  Any application is site specific for the construction, usage conditions and device specifications, thus above the design approach every application must seek suitably qualified engineered design and compliance approval for the application of the supplied product.

STORM_osd can be used in conjunction with other inline devices to improve water quality like separators to avoid blockages but the STORM_osd is principally used as a boundary management device to hold back stormwater flows from a property and avoid sediment and organic material blockages. 

These special configured device are unique off-the-shelf product configurations on the market also more effectively addressing the safety aspects of restricted access, external maintenance and certifiable drainage layout designed for ease and speed of installation.

The inlet and outlet ports are configurable to match the drainage layout and adding an optional accessible external mesh screen function is as simple as fitting our filter box.  Other configuration options include surface level grate access cover or with keylock option can be selected and fitted easily at any time.

    Water Quality Treatment

  • seperation

Detailed Description

The SPARKLE range of integrated devices have been designed specifically to meet stringent regulatory and industry guidelines and are intended for water quality improvement and flow control. One Water Naturally now supply an easily installed onsite retention/detention device (OSD) for improved site stormwater management.

The SPARKLE OSD product are compact configurable device(s) that provides boundary stormwater management by withholding the rate of release from site drainage to public infrastructure. An OSD is a device that screens primary gross pollutants and then holds the bulk of the site stormwater collection by slowly releasing this retained stormwater through a engineered orifice calibrated for the hydraulic specifications. The device also has a high level overflow for peak intensity storms that may temporarily exceed the design specifications or system blockages that allows the safe overflow if required.

An optional external filter box with Maximesh screen is smarter thinking that can also be applied to the tank inlet to avoid tank blockages without needing access into the confined space of the tank for the continual maintenance needed for such systems.

The devices have as standard a 500 Kn top loading and side loading 2.1 Kn capability engineered using FEA analysis conforming to specifications of AS1546 standard starting with a polyethylene non-trafficable loading lockable lid. The tank or filter box can be supplied with upgraded heavy-duty access covers, grate or gatic with easy change-over installation.

Your SPARKLE product supplier can generally provide a client focused design specification supply, commissioning and maintenance service or referral to assist you for your needs.

    Treatment Process

  • Mechanical


Inlet Size : various selection DN300; DN225; DN150 at maximum grade of 1.65%
Outlet Size : various selection DN300; DN225; DN150 to match inlet pipe size
Cubic : 3.151
Box Size : 1305 x 1305 x 1850
Liquid Handled : stormwater and rainwater
Material : polyethylene (PE)
Capacity : 2,000 litres (max)
Tank Dimensions : 1300 x 1300 x 1851
Access Opening : 600 mm x 600 mm
Weight : 140.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

    Treatment Technology

  • seperation
  • Absorption

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