OneWater supplies a range of packaged pump and tank pump stations designed to meet your specific application, for example sewage pump stations or stormwater pump systems. Tank sizes range from 100L to 100,000L in materials such as polyethylene, fibreglass and concrete. These pump stations can be used in applications such as storm water, waste water, sewage.

OneWater offer a range of accessories that ensure ease of purchase and installation such as guide rails, inlet and outlet tank connections, electrical connections, dry valve pits and custom control panels.

OW pump station controllers offer many features for the protection of your submersible pump including low and high level alarms and a OneWater pump stations are delivered to site completely fitted out which save the cost of hazardous confined space entry on site. The pump station eliminates the need to enter the excavation which has a huge saving on excavation costs.

Pump Stations

OneWater pump station solutions are assembled at our Sydney manufacturing facility, using the knowledge and expertise of over 30 years in pump station manufacture where we can produce an engineered solution in a OneSystem design.

With tank sizes ranging from 100L to 10,000L, in a range of materials including polyethylene, fibreglass & concrete we are able to build to your requirements and specifications. We stock a complete range of submersible pumps including dewatering, cutter, vortex, grinder & high pressure models for pressure sewer applications.

Available with a complete range of accessories that deliveres a modular solution with ease of installation of your new pump station. Accessories include access cover options, guide rail or freestanding pump configurations, inlet and outlet tank connections, electrical conduit connections, risers, dry valve pits, custom built control panels, lifting chains other specialised site specific requirements.


Model No. OW3000
Depth 2500mm
Outer Diameter 1800mm
Inner Diameter 1650mm
Nominal Litres 3000
Approximate Weight 200kg
Access Cover 600 x 600mm

*Dimensions may change at any time without notice, please contact your OneWater representative for confirmation.

Polyethylene tank
Inlet pipe to be installed by plumber
All in-tank fittings incorporated in the packaged pump stations as follows:
  • PVC ball and non-return valves barrel unions.
  • Flexible quick-connect pipework.

Liquid Handled
Raw sewage Trade waste
Effiuent Stormwater
Pump Options Configuration
Single or Dual Freestanding or Guide Rail


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