Submersible pumps are normally regarded as electric pumps that draw from the base of the pump device through a strainer or as an open throughlet. More often submersible poumps lie horizontal for lower depth applications like fountains also with larger flow requirements for low verticle head delivery. Submersible pumps are also commonly known as stormwater pumps, drainage pumps, dewatering pumps, sewage pumps and grinder pumps which are widely used across building services, commercial, domestic, municipal, rural, industrial, and rainwater re-use applications. Dewatering pumps are suitable for moving subsoil water, stormwater, sewage, grey water, black water, trade waste, rainwater, bore water, some chemical of low concentrations and soft solids by working with different design of impeller and different pump body configurations. These impeller types include closed impellers, vortex impellers, contra-block impellers, single channel impellers, multi-stage, cutter, or grinder configuration in the dewatering non-pressure pumps and closed impellers and multi-stage impeller stack for pressure pumps. There is a wide selection available for different applications including * low flow, high flow, low head (pressure) or high head. * common applications are stormwater drainage, sewage, Class 1 Zone 2 stormwater from basement car parks, mine dewatering and trade waste processing but are available with a full range of features depending on your unique requirements.

OneWater - EP10 - sewage

OneWater have developed the next generation of natural sewage management devices for your home protection. With over 2 years’ experience in packaged sewage systems we can prepare our engineered solution to meet your needs.

The OneWater sewage management system is contained in a fully integrated polyethylene tank packaged device ready for installation to meet your approved specifications. We stock a comprehensive range of sewage submersible pumps including grinder & high head models for pressure sewer applications.

The OneWater after sales support has a complete range of accessories and replacement equipment to give peace of mind for all your servicing requirements.


Model No. Ecov5
Depth 1903mm
Overall Width 2170mm
Nominal Litres 5500
Approximate Weight 400kg
Access Cover 600 x 600mm

*Dimensions may vary slightly due to the rotomoulding process and shrinkage conditions.

Polyethylene tank
Licenced plumber to make plumb,backfill and fit all inlet and outlet connections to the device
The complete assembled sewage management device includes:
  • 2 off DN100 inlet and overflow drainage connection seals.

Waste Treatment compatability
Raw sewage
Limited biodegradable Trade waste
Pump Equipment
1/2 hp submersible pump auto
1/3 hp air pump


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