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One Water Naturally's installation services can be contracted to help remove the uncertainty of a separately supplied composite plastic pump station or waste management facility project installation requirements.

This installation service applies pump stations up to 2000 litre capacity. Optional multiple tank installations or large tanks or concrete material tanks are subject to additional charges quoted separately upon request.

An installation services involves multiple specialist trade and compliance services, equipment services and backfill materials that can be supplied under separate contracts as OneWater deems necessary and expedient. No connection drainage or suitable power circuits is included that is for other licenced trades to connect to provisioned connection to the inground installed pump station.

The installation is subject to the site owner or its agent contracting for the installation that includes:

  • conveying the pump station from the kerb of the premises to the installation site,

  • excavation with all waste material retained on-site,

  • suitable granular backfill material excluding concrete ballast.

  • suitable conduit and electrical services to power the sensing and motor equipment in the pump station to within 5 meters of the pump station installation

Contracting for this optional installation service provides a fixed price installation in the greater Sydney region after you have made the package purchase. The benefit can include:- recommendation for the application outlined by the site owner, the quality of your packaged pump station is compliant to the installation guidelines, provides an analysis and support for an application for work to the relevant authority and provisions your application commissioning of the purchased equipment package. The installation service is provided from base and return to base in Frenchs Forest NSW of 8 hours. Any essential additional hours consumed before the return to base is an addition charge, otherwise the project is deems to be completed allowing for the traavel time to return to base by close of business at 5PM on the day of installation.

Services options not included in the installation service can be provided if requested, including:

  • Qualified engineer specification, reports and certification if required can be obtained at additional charge to the installation service.

  • Concrete placement specified for anchoring and/or structural support, top load bearing or gatic cover installations can be supplied at additional charge to the installation service.

  • Drainage connection request from site owner can be supplied at additional charge to the installation service.

  • Protected electrical services such as power circuits to the installed controller can be supplied at additional charge to the installation service.

  • Ground level finishing for landscaping, turfing or restoration of disturbed site conditions can be supplied at additional charge to the installation service.

  • Waste removal from site if required can be supplied at additional charge to the installation service.

A supplied packaged pump station if installed by others is recommended to have an optional commissioning service to ainspect the installation by others and ensure compliance to teh standard requirement of the manufactures specifications and guidelines that can be obtained here.


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