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SPARKLE round ground level extender - Ø720mm riser
SPARKLE round access collar PE
SPARKLE round access cover Class A / Class B lite PE

SPARKLE storm riser with Class A / B lite PE Access Cover assembly

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Detailed Description

Sparkle inground solutions for ease of installation, transport and loading as a package for pit or manway acess of inground structures.  This package comprises a ground level extender with round heavy duty collar and poly Class A / B lite lid.

Optional extra is a key lock assembly to secure the lid from internal surcharge events and restricted access to into infrastructure ensuring a safe options form potential peak flow events.  The key lock option provided security for the lid lock being applied as the key cannot be removed whilst the locking tongue is not fully engaged. 

An additional option using the key lock assembly is to compliment a secure asset lockdown with a installed digital alert warning to hierarcial administration.  This option requires installing a sensor with long-life battery and a cloud subscription that is readily available.


Cubic : 3.065
Box Size : 1305x1305x1800
Weight : 40.8000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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