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SPC tank level WiWo connector float weight

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Detailed Description

This float assembly  is used for rainwater tank low-level float control for available water source management by WiWo change-over controller.  This float assembly has a WiWo ELV connector for attachment and for the control end there is a weighted float switch.  The weighted float switch is suspended inside the rainwater tank and indicates that the tank has water available to be pumped to household applications or other industrial processes benefiting from using recycled water. 

The WiWo change-over controller allows harvested rainwater and stormwater to be pritorised to be used in household or industrial non-potable applications for water conservation purposes.

If the tank water level is below the float switch, then the WiWo will not operate the attached pump required to distribute the alternate water supply (harvested rainwater)  and then WiWo controller will change the source water to be received directly from mains supply to allow the application to always receive a water supply.


Cubic : 0.017
Box Size : 450 x 125 x 300
Weight : 2.0000
Manufacturer : Hung Pump Group
9 meter length with WiWo ELV keyed connector
Rhombus electric float switch and weight

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