POK pump station dual DN65 / 80mm manifold plumbing kit

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Detailed Description

This dual pump plumbing kit is a manifold assembly used to connect 2 x pumps to a single outlet pipe to discharge from the pump station. 

For a dual pump configuration, each pump has a dedicated check valve that will stop water in the pump outlet pipe running back into the tank in various operating conditions, for example when the pump(s) switch off and in full operational mode to prevent one pump pushing water back into the tank via the second pump. A ball valve allow each pump to be isolated and removed independently.

The packaged kit is a number of sub-assemblies (designed for packaging and freighting) that allows for final on-site placement of equipment inside the device to best suite site conditions and installation requirements. 

Tank wall outlet:

  • 1 x 80MM left and right hand threaded brass back plated flange with gasket;

  • 1 x M&F 80mm chromed brass levered isolating valve; 

(typical) rising main pressure outlet - otherwise configured for end-user pump station specification

  • 2 x uPVC Class 18 65mm solvent weld barrel unions

  • 2 x brass swing check 65mm reflux valves

or equivalent uPVC combination with rubber gasket flap valve - for wastewater

  • 1 x uPVC Class 18 80mm solvent female iron connector;

  • 1 x uPVC Class 18  80mm solvent weld 'T' piece;

  • 2 x uPVC Class 18 65mm solvent weld 90deg elbows;

  • 2 x uPVC Class 18 80mm x 65mm solvent weld reducing socket;

  • 6 x uPVC Class 18 65mm solvent weld male iron connectors;

  • 1 x uPVC PN16 80mm x 85mm stub pipe connection pieces;

  • 2 x uPVC PN16 65mm x 80mm stub pipe connection pieces;

  • 2 x uPVC PN16 65mm x 200mm stub pipe connection pieces

  • 2 x uPVC PN16 65mm x 600mm stub pipe connection pieces

  • bracket and length of conduit for transducer level control.


Cubic : 0.135
Box Size : 1500 x 300 x 300
Weight : 22.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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