Submersible Sewer Pump - 1.5Hp GS series 32mm grinder semi positive displacement - high head automatic

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Detailed Description

This rugged sewage pump is ideal for waste water removal and domestic sewage applications. The pump is fitted with a float to provide automatic operation and a double edged tungsten-tipped cutter for easy handling of general sewage and soft solids.

The abrasion resistant impeller and heat treated bottom grind plate ensure that the pump will provide many years of reliable service in applications ranging from effluent and sump pit de-watering to kitchen and farm residue discharge.


Mains Voltage : 230 Vac
Pump Power : 1,100 W (1.5HP)
Pump Type : Submersible
Pump Category : Positive Displacement
Rated Head : 20 m
Maximum Head : 50 m
Rated Flow : 37 L/min
Maximum Flow : 50 L/min
Inlet Size : open inlet
Outlet Size : 32 mm (11/4")
Cubic : 0.096
Box Size : 760 x 420 x 300
Liquid Handled : Wastewater & sewage
Pump Dimensions : 720 x 410 / 320
Weight : 43.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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