Submersible Sewer Pump - 1.5 HP GD series 32mm sewage grinder pump - manual

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Detailed Description

The GD series heavy duty Stainless Steel sewage grinder pump is designed to macerate some fibrious materials and other soft solids in sewage systems or other black or dirty water applications.

The macerated material is pumped through smaller diameter (32mm) pipes for disposal into the main sewer lines or onsite treatment systems in off-line locations. The pumps can be immersed to a depth of six (6) metres and are ideal for black water transfer on farms or sewage system with an adequate power supply.

Stainless Steel Motor Housing

  • Completely water-tight cable entry sealed with epoxy resin.

  • Double mechanical seals (SIC/SIC + CA/CE) ensure greatest durability.

  • Without clogging or binding. No close clearance and all flow passages are unobstructed.

  • Grinder impeller and shredding ring are easily replaceable, no need to take pump apart. The parts are made of High Chrome Steel with HRC 55 - 58 to grind paper, textile material and solid contaminants in waste water.

1.5Hp; 1100W

32 mm , 1-1/4"

H 12-20 (M) , Q 150-220 (l/m)


Mains Voltage : 230 vac
Pump Power : 1,000 W (1.5HP)
Pump Type : Submersible
Pump Category : Sewer Grinder
Rated Head : 12 m
Maximum Head : 20 m
Rated Flow : 150 lpm
Maximum Flow : 230 lpm
Inlet Size : n/a
Outlet Size : 32 mm (1 1/4")
Cubic : 0
Box Size :
Pump Dimensions : 245x200x525mm
Weight : 33.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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