SPC automatic reset press control - 1.5 Bar

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Contaminate Reductions – maximum potential reductions

organic & gross pollutants 85%
suspended solid 21%
nitrogen incl amonia 10%
phosphorous 1%
hydrocarbon 1%
metals 1%

Detailed Description

This pressure controller provides automatic water flow control and will switch on an attached pump when a tap is turned on and the pipe pressure falls below 1.5 2kPa. When the tap is turned off the controller senses the increase in pipe pressure and will turn the pump off. Pressure range approximately 140 kPa to 375 kPa.

    Treatment Process

  • mechanical seperation
  • dual stream bulk handling
  • coalescing oil capture


Cubic : 0.281
Box Size : 850 x 825 x 400
Liquid Handled : Liquid?
Weight : 5.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply
Number of doors : 4
Engine Capacity : 4.0 L V 6
Transmission : Automatic

    Treatment Technology

  • velocity/flow reduction
  • mesh screening
  • ionisation
  • hydraulic Residence Time
  • disinfection

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