SparkleAir oxygen reduction potential sensor

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Short Description

This high technology device is connect ready for application to a partial water course either a prescribed in-pipe and known DN specification or open channel of known cross-sectional detail.

Detailed Description

The Sparkle | Air oxidation reduction potential sensor (ORP) simultaneously measures oxidisers or reducing chemical state of an application. This robust sensor provides reliable data particularly in harsh conditions and can be powered long-term requiring minimal maintenance. With data as the function of the recordings of the sensor it becomes available for communicating through suitable communication protocols to a resident hub. The enabler hub is connected by selectable available communication methods for transmission of the data to the required storage and can nominally be viewed from dashboard or App with a subscription service.

What is ORP, Oxygen Reduction Potential?

Oxidation Reduction Potential or Redox is the activity or strength of oxidizers and reducers in relation to their concentration. Oxidizers accept electrons, reducers lose electrons. Examples of oxidizers are: chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, bromine, ozone, and chlorine dioxide. Examples of reducers are sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfate and hydrogen sulfide. Like acidity and alkalinity, the increase of one is at the expense of the other.

A single voltage is called the Oxidation-Reduction Potential, where a positive voltage shows a solution attracting electrons (oxidizing agent). For instance, chlorinated water will show a positive ORP value whereas sodium sulfite (a reducing agent) loses electrons and will show a negative ORP value.

ORP is measured in millivolts (mV), with no correction for solution temperature. Like pH, it is not a measurement of concentration directly, but of activity level. In a solution of only one active component, ORP indicates concentration. As with pH, a very dilute solution will take time to accumulate a measurable charge.

An ORP sensor uses a small platinum surface to accumulate charge without reacting chemically. That charge is measured relative to the solution, so the solution
ground voltage comes from the reference junction, the same type used by a pH sensor.

Practically, ORP as a measurement performed on a pH meter with a mV mode with an ORP electrode

This high technology device is connect ready for applications in harsh environments like mining and resource recovery industries, remediation and aquifer redraw applications as examples only of the capability.


Cubic : 0.009
Box Size : 150X150X400
Weight : 1.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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