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Joining OneVsee will provide you a self configurable hyper-connected platform for virtual business, bringing leading edge business and technology innovations into mainstream markets through networking, cloud, enterprise IT, IoT and innovation management.

The OneSeeView is an open source, secure cloud platform that supports real-time data collection, communications, analytics, artificial intelligence process and dashboard reporting in all manner of application from disparate sensors and devices.

OneSeeView is a subscription model designed to be a low cost and expandable application that is avilable to all stakeholders that has high level security and access protection that is scalable for all manner of data, process and distribution.  

The package is capable of providing visualisation of condition and tracking of events as they are sensed from household to regional to national layers and as the means to aggregrate crital event data from monitoring to benefit public risk and management. 

The initial focus is on the total water cycle but is not perscriptive so that it is a universal mode of visualisation for resources, infrastructure and conditions from which to plan, operate and maintain fluid applications.

Detailed Description

The OneSeeView is a high technology catchment level water cycle analytics for operational and compliance control.  The application runs the operation of a micro-distriburted network of smart water quality improvement devices for surface water, stormwater and sewage systems in a harvesting and treatment role including for environmental protection.

The aim of the OneSeeView is to provide a means for all stakehiolders to subscribe to essential data logging, artificial intelligent systemised process with redundant analytical operational capacity, reporting and compliance protection in the performance for water cycle flows, water quality improvement for environmental flow, conservation and resiliance for sustainability and water resource utilisation that includes release into natural waterways. 

The OneSeeView starts at the top of catchments, matching rainfall event chacterications and location with managed flood mitigation, harvesting, drainage, treatment and release in sensitive and recharge applications.  The OneSeeView can incorporate visualisation of water flows, conditions and process from household to building services to sampling and compliance, municipal and infrastructure management operations and control at secure, scale and real-time reporting


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