TOC pedestal couple device top rail bracket with upturn discharge bend

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Short Description

The major repair to the versatile KS series submersible pump is available using a top-end assembly. The circumstance of the many pump use applications can result in inadvertent damage like crushed or torn cables or float whilst performing in the rugged environment of construction and civil works de-watering on work sites for safety and protection of assets. The KS-10 pump range is a leading product solution in the industry and being well designed for maintenance purposes for the top end of the pump through an authorised service representative. This product assembly provides a means to repair damaged conductor(s) floats and when fitted can restore the operation of the pump for normal use. This assembly product provides some certainty with continued operations having replaced power lead and float components, secured in the inlet glands with a screwed clamp on the exterior of the pump case and then allowing for renewed conductivity and earth leakage testing. Other optional repairs are also available including seal and capacitor replacement on request where a used pump is considered suitable for repair or refurbishment.

Detailed Description

The KS series pumps are versitile cast iron and stainless steel enclosed submersible pumps. The swing float activated pump is designed for larger water bodies to operate over some time in emptying the water body without supervision (where the pump  is unlikely to suffer blockage to the inlet or is operated below the bottom level of the water body with sufficient pit depth for the normal operation of the swing float.  

The application and manual handling at times results in damaged power lead, float or cracked case from dropping or dragging often using the power lead for recovery from deeper water bodies.  The solution is provided with this replacement assembly to restore the operation of the pump.


  • power conductor fitted into a gland opening in the pump head part replacement of KS-10 pump

  • a swing float and conductor is fitted into a second gland opening in the pump head part

  • the gland openings seal to the sheath of the rubberised conductor with epoxy resin sealing

  • electrical conductors are open for interconnection with the stator and capacitor leads of the origional motor assembly

  • a properly formed handle is attached with connections for external support for the two conductors entering the gland of the replacement head

  • a 10 meter heavy duty power cable suitable for 230Vac electrical supply with Australian insulated plug for direct connection to an available 10A GPO.

Charged service provision can be provided by returning the damaged pump to the supplier for an inspection and repair analysis.


Mains Voltage : n/a
Pump Power : n/a
Pump Type : Submersible
Pump Category : Dewatering
Rated Head : na
Maximum Head : na
Rated Flow : na
Maximum Flow : na
Inlet Size : 50mm
Outlet Size : 50mm
Cubic : 0.01
Box Size : 200 x 200 x 250
Liquid Handled : Clean Water
Solid Pass : 50mm
Weight : 3.5000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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