BPS lead 10 meters - type B

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Short Description

The BPS series pumps have a water resistant power lead with socket connector, held inplace with a screwed clamp on the exterior of the pump case. This lead is Type B (with new design seal) and is 10 meter length with Australian three pin plug.

Detailed Description

A key feature of BPS utility pumps for many of these pumps in our range have a replaceable power lead option.  Type B leads are used as the current series pumps connection (post 2018) that needs to be determined before ordering.  Any alternate type power lead will not fit and seal in this model of pump.

The BPS series pumps are versatile composite plastic submersible pumps. The manual pump is designed to drain down to 3mm or 5mm from finished floor level (FFL) depending upon the type of base plate used. The 3mm base plate is a grate style inlet for clean water applications on a rigid floor. This component power lead is replaceable without needing to open any of the seals for the pump with a push on socket and clamp.


Mains Voltage : 230 vac
Pump Power : 100 W (1/6 HP)
Pump Type : Submersible
Pump Category : Dewatering
Rated Head : na
Maximum Head : na
Rated Flow : na
Maximum Flow : na
Inlet Size : na
Outlet Size : na
Cubic : 0.001
Box Size : 160 x 160 x 55
Liquid Handled : Clean Water
Solid Pass : na
Pump Dimensions : 160 x 160 x 55 mm
Weight : 1.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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