SPARKLE round access grate Class A - keylock option

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Short Description

This lid design is a round shaped MDPE polyethylene access cover.

  • designed to fit all STORM products with a 680mm diameter clear access
  • lockable pedestrian-trafficable cover fits into a matching recess in the tank collar to provide and even surface across the top of the tank
  • loading of 5000N / Class A specification
  • design structure confirmed with FEA analysis
  • light weight PE secure access cover

Detailed Description

The One Water Naturally round shaped pedestrian-trafficable cover is made from LDPE polyethylene and is the superior functioning light weight cover available. The light weight lid provides safe handling of access cover with secure pedestrian-trafficable lid.  The STORM_save access lids fits securely into a matching recess in the tank collar that will remain secure and not affected by surcharge or backflow, to form an even surface across the top of the tank. The cover is secured with a visual as well as practical facilitated key lock where the key part is designed so that the access cover cannot be left unlatched whilst the key remains in the cover keyway when used according to installation instructions.

FEA analysis results in accordance with the testing provisions of AS1546 top load of 5000 newtons has a Factor of Safety of 1.9 and a maximum displacement is 4.153mm for LDPE exceeding the performance specification for Class A load factors..


Cubic : 0.073
Box Size : 780 x 780 x 120
Weight : 14.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply
Product Type : Accessories
Type : standard access cover Clas A
Diameter : 720mm Height: 75mm
Top Load : to 5 kN distributed load per M2
Material : galvanised or stainless steel

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