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SPARKLE Rainsaver1 - roof capture organic seperator and first flush diverter-wall mount

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Short Description

This simple device separates leaves and other solid material that is washed off your roof during a rain event and diverts the first flow of water to ensure that the water delivered to your storage system is in the best condition possible. The diverted 'first flush' water is slowly released into the waste drain in preparation for the next rain event. The kit is suitable for 90 mm diameter roof drainage systems and the first-flush volume can be matched to your roof surface area simply by varying the length of of the first-flush column.

Detailed Description

The first flow of water from the roof will usually be heavily contaminated by dirt, wind blown debris, and bird droppings, etc and should not be allowed to enter the storage system. This kit fits into the down pipe and is assembled with your own pipe to form the required first flush column volume. The first flush column capacity can be matched to the collection surface area by varying the length of pipe used. For detailed information about First Flush volumes, please refer to out Data section.

The integrated leaf screen prevents debris entering the collection system while the diverter separates the first flow of water from subsequent flows. The diverter automatically seals off the contaminated water and allows it to seep away into the drainage system. The device is suitable for 90 mm diameter roof drainage systems and the kit includes everything required to complete the installation. The only additional item is the desired length of pipe for the Diverter Chamber section.


Inlet Size : 90mm
Cubic : 0.005
Box Size : 250 x 200 x 100
Liquid Handled : Rainwater
Material : PVC
Capacity : 500L/min
Tank Dimensions : 150 x 150 x 250
Access Opening : n/a
Weight : 1.5000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply
Product Type : Accessories

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