Submersible Pump KV - 1HP 50mm wastewater drainage - automatic

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Short Description

This heavy Duty pump is perfect for use on building sites and other industrial applications. It is designed to handle both clean and dirty water applications that are typically found on building sites and flooded excavations etc. The pump will handle small amounts of grit and light sludge easily and is suitable for many types of water transfer applications.

Detailed Description

A Utility Pump - you won't buy better low cost option for the market.

We offer workshop servicing for damaged power lead, float or capacitor as a standard fixed price top-end reapir - plus freight!  You send it, we wil try and repair it !

This versitile 2" clean water pump may be put to use on building sites and other industrial applications but if you apply it to nasty wastewaters and slurries or let it block up or run dry etc it is not the pumps fault if you use it beyond the pump specification which is not a defect in manufacturing or the materials used in the manufacture of the product!  All submersible pumps have an equivilant mechanical seal however often accumulated sediments where the pump is operated can penetrate these seals and allow water to slowly ingress into the contained motor housing.  Likewise if you fiddle with any of the seals of the pump you will get water ingress into the motor and damage the continued operation of the pump which is not a warrantable claim.

Always obtain a certified test and tag approval of the pump before use for safe operation.   


This particular pump only is offered at a special low price so this pump is economically replacable if needed!!! 

It does come with a swing float (that may or may not be practical in some rugged but needy situations) for wastewater and flooded excavations etc. so that is why we offer a service option.  However if the pump is beyond economical repair even if it has only just been used (typical claim), but we will tell you and 'we' can consider taking the cost of the service off the price of a new pump when you buy a replacement pump. 

Wastewater has a lot of sediment and grit (excluding concrete slurry)  where the life of the pump depends on how you treat it and how you mistreat it!  So for this pump, it is up to you, but hey it could save you from needy water transfers even like a disasterous situation in rain and water flows for a small replacement price. 

        thats added value !


Mains Voltage : 230vac
Pump Power : 750W (1 HP)
Pump Type : Submersible
Pump Category : Dewatering
Rated Head : 5 m
Maximum Head : 12 m
Rated Flow : 220 lpm
Maximum Flow : 250 lpm
Inlet Size : n/a
Outlet Size : 50mm (2")
Cubic : 0.02
Box Size : 460x185x240
Solid Pass : 12mm (1/2")
Pump Dimensions : 245x190x465
Weight : 18.0000
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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