Packaged SPARKLE Stormwater OSD on site retention/detention

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Short Description

STORM_osd is normally a property boundary device that is used to manage the retention of stormwater flowing from a property through a detention basin, and its subsequent controlled release into the public stormwater drainage network. The device slows down peak storm intensity flows that could overload public infrastructure drainage and lead to down stream flooding issues if not controlled.

The STORM_osd range is offered in versions from 400 litres to 5000 litre holding capacity which can be interconnected in parallel or series for even larger retention system designs.

STORM_osd can also be used in conjunction with other inline devices to improve water quality but is principally used as a boundary management device. These devices address the safety aspects of resricted access, external maintenance and certifiable drainage layout and are designed for ease and speed of installation. The inlet and outlet ports are configurable to match the drainage layout and adding a mesh screen function is as simple as fitting our valve box grated module during installation.

Note:  as a guide, the Sydney UPRCT’s on-site detention policy requires a storage volume of 470 m3 per ha and a permissible site discharge (PSD) of 80 L/s per ha of land area. The OSD scenario for each development case is designed in accordance with the On Site Detention Handbook [UPRCT, 1999]. All stormwater runoff from roofs, impervious and pervious areas is directed to the OSD tanks.

Detailed Description

The STORM_osd product is a compact device that provides boundary stormwater management by reducing the rate of release from site drainage to public infrastructure. This process is referred to as retention/detention where the device holds the bulk of the site stormwater and slowly releases it through an orifice that has been calibrated for the hydraulic specifictions.  The device also has a high level overflow that allows the safe overflow for peak intensity storms that may exceed the design specifications, or system blockages, etc. 

An optional external basket type screen that is accessible without needing access into the confined space of the tank can be applied to the tank inlet to avoid tank blockages.  A ground level extender is also available to make installation flexible to suit site needs.

The One Water OSD package allows selection of the essential parameters like the tank size, the orifice outlet and the lid loading to provide a configurable product assembly.

The single dwelling scenario:
The single dwelling scenario consists of a 600 m2 allotment, a house with a roof area of 150 m2 and a paved surface area of 200 m2 (Figure 6).  Applying the OSD rules from the UPRCT On-Site Detention Handbook to this site results in a site storage volume of 28.2 m3, a 48 mm diameter orifice plate outlet to provide a permissible site discharge (PSD) of 0.0048 m3/s to the street drainage system.



Cubic : 0.9
Box Size : 900 x 1000 x 1000
Liquid Handled : rainwater and stormwater
Manufacturer : OneWater_supply

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