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Treatment Train

Treatment Train

Typical STORM System InstallationOur treatment train can manage rainwater collected from a range of water sources.

The system shown here is receiving rainwater and stormwater. It is installed under the car-parking area of a commercial site. Roof collected water is fed through a STORM_save where the First Flush water is separated and passed along to the drainage system. The subsequent water flows are then sent to an underground storage tank for later use in toilets, irrigation, and washdowns etc.

Surface water is channeled through a separate STORM_save where the First Flush is again separated.

Surface water generally requires a higher level of treatment and is therefore passed to a STORM_clean device that acts as a fine filter before the water is sent into storage.

The separated First Flush water is channeled to a STORM_gpt where the larger pollutants are captured and held for later removal. The remaining water is then filtered by a separate STORM_clean before it is allowed to flow into the drainage system and re-enter the natural environment.