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Asset Tracking

Name   :   OWA tracking licence - asset tracking
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Liquid Handled

Treatment Train

Name   :   STORM_save1 point of capture pipe inlet stormwater seperator
Inlet Size : DIN 225/300
Material : polyethylene (PE)
Capacity : Maximum throughput is 130 L/sec @ 1.65% gradient
Tank Dimensions : 1000 mm (height) 800 mm (overall diameter)
Access Opening : 720mm dia
Weight : 95.0
Material : polyethylene (PE)
Pipe sizes can be adjusted to suit site requirements.
Inlet: DN 225 and DN300
Outlet: DN 200/250
Waste: DN 200/225/250/300/450

Pipe material varies with pipe diameter and pipe type * Main Store Chinese *
Liquid Handled
rainwater and stormwater
Pump Options
NOTE: Maximum recommended input gradient is 1.65%
Optional riser can be fitted to allow for deeper installation when required

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